Acne isn't a skin problem

I love it when my patients dive in, commit to healing their skin, and see the result of their efforts!

This patient initially came to see me for two reasons:

  1. Her digestion

  2. Acne on her back

After 6 weeks of treating her digestion, she told me her acne was gone. What she meant is that she’s not getting any new pimples, and the remaining spots are now healing.

What's even more awesome is that her digestive symptoms improved dramatically. No more bloating, no more loose stools, no longer feeling extreme hunger between meals.

Who doesn't love solving two problems at once?

In this case, it’s another reminder that what’s happening on the skin is truly a reflection of the rest of the body. Her skin wasn’t really the problem. Acne was simply the result of having a digestive problem, and by addressing this, her skin improved on its own.

Her journey isn’t done yet, but she’s well on her way. I’m looking forward to the “after” photo!

It’s changes like this that make me SO passionate about helping people uncover the cause of their acne. Why spend the time and money on a never-ending lineup of acne products, when acne is a problem that’s healed from the inside out? And also when treating the root cause of acne leads to other improvements in health?

To me it’s a no-brainer, and that’s why it’s my mission to help others find lasting solutions to their acne. If you're on the same page, fire me an email and we can get you started on your journey toward clear skin.

Photos shared with permission.

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