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What's bothering you?

I treat a wide array of symptoms and conditions, ranging from general concerns such as fatigue and stress, to specific diagnoses such as diabetes, asthma, depression, and autoimmune diseases.

While the symptoms may be similar, I consider each patient individually. The underlying cause of symptoms often differs from person to person, as does the treatment that gets them back on the path to great health.


Here are some of the most common concerns I see, but this is by no means a complete list!

  • What will my first visit be like?
    When you first come to see me, I am going to ask you a ton of questions about your health and some questions about your life. This is because health is an incredibly complex puzzle, and I want to figure out exactly what’s going on so that we can get you back to feeling your best. Sometimes this might seem a bit strange; for example, if you come in for knee pain I will ask you about your digestion, and this is because the digestive system can be closely tied to joint pain. Depending on what your health concerns are, your visit may include a physical exam such as looking in your eyes or ears, or listening to your heart or lungs. I may suggest lab testing, either through Alberta Precision Laboratories, or more specialized testing through private labs. From there, I’ll talk you through treatment options and I’ll work with you to come up with a plan that fits you. This may include adjusting food choices, nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, vitamin and mineral injections, and/or other hands-on treatment. Further visits will depend on what your health concerns are and the selected treatment approach. ​ Please note that naturopathic medicine works to get at the root cause of what's going on, and works with your body to restore its proper function. This means that when you see improvements in your health, they can be long-lasting and often permanent benefits. This also means that seeing changes can take time and that it will take some motivation to achieve results. Your body will thank you in the end!
  • Will my visits be covered by insurance?
    Naturopathic medicine is not covered by the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, however many extended benefits plans provide coverage. Feel free to let me know what your insurance covers, and we can work out a treatment plan to best suit your needs.
  • Do you do vitamin IVs or injections?
    I am trained in administering IV nutrients and vitamin injections. In my experience however, the vast majority of my patients see more long-term benefits from other avenues of treatment. If during the course of an appointment, we determine that IV or injection nutrients are the best course of action for you, I am happy to refer you for this treatment. I have partnered with another local naturopathic doctor to make this process as seamless as possible.
  • What if I can't afford your fees?
    I aim to make my services as accessible as possible. If you are motivated to work on your health and are unable to afford my fees, please contact me or the clinic and we may be able to work something out. Please note that I do offer special rates for students and seniors.
  • What training do naturopathic doctors have?
    Seven to eight years of post-secondary education: Bachelor's degree 4-year naturopathic medical program Extensive education in basic medical sciences (physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology) Diagnostic training Physical exams Laboratory testing Training in several therapeutic modalities: Therapeutic nutrition Botanical (herbal) medicine Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (*not included at all schools) Physical medicine Spinal adjustments and adjustments of other joints Soft tissue therapies Use of therapeutic laser, infrared, electrical stimulation (e.g. TENS) Homeopathic medicine Intravenous and intramuscular injections Many NDs undergo further training to focus their practice For a comparison of training for various medical professionals, take a look at this analysis:
  • What is naturopathic medicine?
    Naturopathic medicine aims to get at the root cause of what's causing illness, then addresses your health concerns from multiple angles using the gentlest approach possible. This minimizes side effects and uses your body's natural healing processes to reestablish health. For more information, visit the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors website.
Common health concerns I treat:
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