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Mental wellness

In this day and age, daily demands can be overwhelming. It’s incredibly common for things to become too much, leaving you feeling anxious, tired, and discouraged.


You might feel constantly on edge, have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep, or find yourself worrying about your daily activities and interactions.


You might feel like you’ve lost touch with the things you used to enjoy, like it’s a struggle to accomplish daily tasks, or that you’re lacking genuine connection with others.


Your current path might feel unsustainable and you feel like something has to change.


This is where naturopathic medicine comes in. Many factors contribute to these experiences, and by identifying what’s going on, we can get you back on a path to feeling clear and energized again.

Possible contributing factors

There are usually multiple factors at play, which may include the following:


  • Physical factors

    • Underlying medical conditions e.g. thyroid disorders, blood sugar imbalances, respiratory disorders

    • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

    • Food sensitivities

    • Genetic differences in neurotransmitter production and breakdown, or in detoxification processes

    • Intestinal dysbiosis (too many “bad” bacteria and too few “good” bacteria in your gut)

    • Adrenal or sex hormone imbalances

    • Generalized inflammation e.g. chronic infection, immune disorder

  • Psychological factors

    • Thought patterns and coping skills learned in childhood

    • Trauma(s) (may be large or small yet significant)

  • Environmental factors

    • Dietary exposures

    • Toxic exposures e.g. heavy metals, pesticides

  • Social factors

    • Relationship stress

    • Situational stressors

  • Spiritual factors


It’s likely that several of these factors are at play for you. By assessing your symptoms and listening to what your life is like, this will point toward which factors may be most relevant to your case. Further testing may be required to assess genetic anomalies, food sensitivities, digestive health, hormones, neurotransmitters, and/or heavy metal burden.


From there, your treatment will be personalized to address the underlying cause(s) of your symptoms. This may include a combination of nutrition and lifestyle counseling, vitamin injections or supplements, breathing exercises, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and homeopathic medicine. 


For example, if you’re struggling with anxiety and insomnia, options might include helping reset your circadian rhythm with meals and light exposure, and balancing hormones and neurotransmitters. There are also many natural sleep aids such as sedative herbs and neurotransmitter precursors that can be helpful sleep support while the underlying cause is being addressed. Acupuncture is also an effective strategy to calm the nervous system in order to relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Why seek out naturopathic treatment?

Naturopathic medicine seeks to target the root cause of what’s causing your symptoms. As outlined above, identifying and treating the cause(s) can be complex. However, with a trained eye and specialized testing as needed, treating the source of the problem yields complete and long-lasting relief. Furthermore, we can provide you with the knowledge and tools to maintain a balanced mood and restful sleep in the long run.

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