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If you are ready to heal your whole self, then you're in the right place.

Health care from the heart

Healing happens on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. If you're ready to take the first step, I would be honoured to support you along your healing journey.

My passion is empowering people like you to transform their health and their lives through treatments that work with the body's innate healing abilities.

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What many patients tell me when they first come in...

"I want to understand where my symptoms are coming from and treat the underlying cause."

"I'm being told that everything is normal but I feel like something isn't quite right."

"I would like to know if there are natural treatments I can use alongside my medication."

"I've tried everything, and nothing has worked."

What makes my approach different?

In-depth medical history in a 60-minute initial assessment. I want to understand your experiences.

Access to a broad selection of blood work and specialized lab testing when we need to dig deeper to understand what's going on.

Natural treatment plans that address body, mind, and spirit. Treatments may include food as medicine, herbal medicines, supplementation, acupuncture, hands-on treatments, and more.

Treatments for almost every health concern, which are tailored to you as an individual. Treatments aim to work with the body's own healing processes.

My journey into naturopathic medicine began when I was a teenager. I had been dealing with some chronic symptoms for a several years, and the treatments that were offered to me just didn’t make sense. I had an itchy skin rash that would come and go, and was offered a corticosteroid cream to settle it down. I had irregular and painful menstrual cycles, and I had a choice to start on birth control pills or to continue managing my symptoms as I had always been. I had acne over my face, back, and chest but I had a knot in my stomach anytime I thought about treating it with medication. In all of these experiences, I never received answers as to WHY these symptoms were happening.

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