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Holistic healing: addressing the energetic aspect with reiki

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

True healing involves more than just the physical. I have witnessed this in my own healing journey, as well as with many of my patients. Our physical wellbeing affects our mental, emotional and spiritual health, and the reverse is also true.

All these aspects of wellbeing are so intertwined that it is usually impossible to effectively address overall health while only working from one angle. For example, sometimes people experience physical symptoms that seem resistant nearly any treatment, and then things finally start to improve when something on another level shifts. Other times, people experience emotional or physical symptoms because they are unknowingly taking on other people’s energetic patterns; if you are an empath, you will understand this phenomenon.

These types of situations are why I love to integrate physical treatments (such as nutrition and herbs) with treatments that address emotional and spiritual health. While there are many different approaches to this, I have found hands-on energy work such as reiki to be a great starting place.

If you’re unfamiliar with reiki, it is an energy healing modality that works with the body's innate healing abilities to help promote balance within the body. As with the energy meridians recognized in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, reiki works on the energetic field of the body through gentle hands-on treatment. Reiki sessions are typically peaceful and relaxing, and may be used to support practically any symptom or condition. During sessions, some people may experience various physical sensations such as tingling or aching, and they may also have unexpected emotions or thoughts come up.

Curious about reiki and energy healing? Ask your naturopathic doctor how this might fit into your treatment plan.


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