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What if you KonMari your life?

Marie Kondo’s KonMari method is all the rage right now because it's now featured in a Netflix show (and personally, I can’t wait to get started). If you haven’t read about Marie or seen the show yet, she is a master at tidying. Her concept is that by keeping only items that bring joy, life becomes more joyful.

What if we extend this idea to the activities in your life? Does your work bring you joy? Your hobbies? Your relationships?

Not every moment will be joyful; it’s about the big picture. Listen to the feeling you get when you think about each aspect of your life, and if it’s not positive, take some time to reflect. If something truly isn’t working for your life, consider a change. This may mean letting something go entirely, or simply tweaking some details.

What if we choose foods that truly bring our bodies joy? Not the kind of joy that lights up the brain’s pleasure centres temporarily, but the kind that truly nourishes and lights up each individual cell with energy and life.

Some food for thought.


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