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Following the breadcrumbs

As chronic disease develops, there are often breadcrumbs along the way that indicate that something is out of balance, well before the disease reaches its full-blown form.

Now, I don’t want you to suddenly start worrying about that random twinge of pain in your stomach, or occasional ringing in your ears (those usually aren’t anything to worry about).

It’s when multiple little things keep happening, and increasing over time, that you need to pay attention.

For example, maybe you started having knee pain several years ago and chalked it up to wear and tear.

And then, more joints started to hurt.

And then a few years later, you started having some dry, itchy skin - but maybe it’s just because of the dry climate here?

And then a few years after that, even though you’ve been tired for years, you finally hit a point of exhaustion and seek help.

Could all of these be separate symptoms from injuries, climate, and stress? Sure.

Could they also be due to an inflammatory thyroid condition? Absolutely.

When new symptoms develop gradually, it’s easy to build them each into your “normal”. But if they’re starting to take a toll on you, it could be worth looking deeper.


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